About Us

Company Overview

Shanghai Richcon Medical Technology Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in wholesale, OEM, OED and drop shipping one-stop solution of colored contact lenses, contact boxes and cosplay products. The holding company of Lalens is Shanghai Dearer Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. ("Shanghai Dearer Group") and Jilin Ruierkang Contact Lens Co., Ltd which were established in 2009.

Shanghai Dearer Group is the largest color contact lens group in China, integrating R&D, design and production.Shanghai Dearer Group owns 4 colored contact lens factories, which located in Jilin (Jilin Ruierkang Contact Lens Co., Ltd.), Suzhou, South Korea (Korea Fuko Co., Ltd.), and Xi'an.The annual production capacity of Shanghai Dearer Group is about 150 million pairs of colored contact lenses.

The products include daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual, with more than 10,000 product styles. The group has more than 800 employees. The contact lenses produced by the group are exported to more than 70 countries. Shanghai Dearer Group currently has CE, CFDA, ISO certifications, and 9 medical device registration certificates, covering daily, monthly, semi-annual and annual product lines. In addition, the group has the industry's unique 7-color and Pearlescent Color Contact Lenses registration certificate, which can maximize the company's design and production advantages. The group can launch more than 1,000 new designs every month, the product design conversion rate is as high as 30%, and the design capability is in a leading position in China.

We look forward to long-term cooperation with color contact lens partners to achieve a win-win situation.

Our Advantages

1.Product design is constantly innovating

Our company has the industry's premium design team, which is the group after 10 years of polishing cultivated, constantly pushing the new, design concepts to lead the industry trend wind direction, highly to meet the customized needs of customers. The finished products can perfectly present the design concepts.

2.Realization of seven-color and pearlescent design concep

The extreme seven-color products that are currently available in the industry have seven layers of dye coating, but Tiluo
has achieved only one layer of thickness. The technology of seven colors and pearlescent gives designers more space for creation and
to satisfy the customization needs of customers, and is the only manufacturer in China with the qualification to produce seven colors and pearlescent products.
It is also the only manufacturer in China who has the qualification of producing seven colors and pearl.


Lalens has been cooperated with Taiwan and China leading factories with the invention patent of inner surface coating was obtained. The lens formulations in the hydrogel market are highly homogeneous. The biggest difference between us and other products lies in color ink.

Our color ink is based on the polymer prepolymer independently developed by our partner factories which has excellent wrapping properties for pigments and can show extremely delicate and dazzling patterns and colors. This is also what our product design can achieve.

Based on this prepolymer, our cooperated factories have applied for a patent for the inner surface coating, which can effectively isolate the pigment, make the pigment layer smoother, and make it more comfortable to wear.